Shear Elegance


Cancellation Policy


 All our clients and their appointments are very important to each of us here at Shear Elegance.

We have reserved time just for you and we want to make sure that you get all the time you deserve. That being said, we have created a cancellation policy that will ensure both clients and stylists are utilizing their scheduled time.  As of today, July 22, 2015, we greatly appreciate a 24-hour notice for any appointments that need to be cancelled or rescheduled. This allows us the opportunity to offer your time slot to one of our other clients on our waiting list.  We will overlook the first incident and waive any cancellation fee.  After that, our policies will be enforced and a cancellation fee may be required.  We understand emergencies do arise that cannot be avoided. Therefore, we will not enforce our policy if it is something out of your control.  We hope that this policy will help us maintain our schedule and help our loyal clients get the appointment time that is most suitable for your schedule.

Listed below are the situations that may cause a cancellation fee.

-Less than a 24-hour notice of a cancellation will result in a charge equal to 50% of the scheduled service amount

-Appointments made within 24-hours of the scheduled time require a four-hour notice or a fee of 50% of the scheduled appointment service will be charged.

-Package appointments that require more than one Shear Elegance employee that have been cancelled less than 24 hours before will result in a 100% charge of all scheduled services.

-All “no shows” will have an automatic charge of 100% of the scheduled service amount.

Late Arrivals:

-If you are running late, we graciously ask that you please call to let us know. Our employees do not take any scheduled breaks other than lunch.  Therefore, tardiness might cause us to get off schedule. When you call us, it allows us to call clients scheduled after you and inform them of a possible delay.

-If you are not on time, your stylist reserves the right to consider you a “no show.”  If you think you will be 15 minutes late, please call to let us know so that our stylist can determine if you need to be rescheduled or if she can take you late.  Your on-time arrival allows all our clients to keep their scheduled appointment time. One late client can cause everyone’s scheduled appointments to run behind for the rest of the day.

The “no shows” and frequently late:

If someone has been consistently late, cancels appointments often at the last minute or has “no showed” more than once with no explanation, Shear Elegance reserves the right to secure any future scheduled appointments with a deposit or a credit card number that will be kept on file.

Confirmation Calls:

As a courtesy to all our clients, we will call to confirm your appointment two business days prior to the scheduled date. If we are unable to speak with you directly, we will leave a message at your contact number on file. Please make sure that the phone number we have on file for you is the preferred number. We can keep multiple numbers on file for you as well. It is everyone’s responsibility to check their messages and remember their appointment times and dates so that cancellation fees can be avoided.

Thank you to all our clients for your consistent loyalty and patronage. We hope this policy does not offend anyone. It is simply for us to maintain and respect everyone’s time. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.